Volunteers are the foundation of the Child Advocacy Center. They provide support to children and families served by the Center through the following volunteer roles:

  • Administrative
  • Special Event
  • Board of Directors
  • Maintenance
  • Junior Helper Volunteer

    Volunteer to help with small jobs when needed and to have no contact with children. Mostly for school children, community service workers, and interns. Interns to do a background check.

  • Special Event Volunteer

    Volunteer to help with special events such as Andrea Walks, Banquets, Christmas Party, Summer Camp, etc. Volunteer will more than likely only work large special events. No background check needed due to no individual work with children.

  • Blue Ribbon Volunteer

    Volunteer to help with several activities at Junior’s House. May be called on to assist at satellite office and almost be looked at as an extension of an employee. This position will require a background check since you will possibly be working with children.

Please call Junior’s House at 931-438-3233 if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.